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What is the New Black?

With summer 2014 collections now being introduced worldwide, the talk of the fashion town is most certainly to do with colour colour colour; and many are asking what is the new black?

Your Wardrobe From Winter To Spring

Key trends which will help take your winter wardrobe into spring with minimal hassle and high street affordability.

Party in the winter breeze

Every year, winter comes around and it becomes a struggle every time when it comes to choosing an outfit for a night out. Jacket? No jacket? Tights? No tights? Here are some simple solutions. Save that cold-avoiding taxi cash and take some inspiration from these practical yet pretty outfits. You'll survive that breeze on the way to the club!

Footwear For The Frost

With the frosty season of winter upon us, the perfect shoe for AW13 seems to be without doubt the ankle boot. Buckles, zips and heels are just some of the top trends you can see on the ankle boots in stores, and they can be found at some shockingly student friendly prices.

Top 5 Instagram Inspirations

Instagram is a key tool for finding style inspiration, but what accounts are there to follow besides Topshop and Urban Outfitters?

Winter Warmers: Coats

Every fortnight we will bring you the street style of Bournemouth; from the weird and the wonderful to the simple and sophisticated. This week, we're looking at the cosy coats keeping Bournemouth University students warm as the cold winter approaches.