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Corners of the mind: When fear takes over

We've all had the initial childhood phase of thinking there was a monster under the bed or in the "closet", right? Is it scarier to see something physically or just know in your mind it's there?

Zombie Survival: Romero and 'The Walking Dead' Might Teach Us A Thing Or Two

How the fears of Zombie apocalypse can be a valuable medium for teaching the public how to survive in face of disastrous situations.

Perhaps Not Superhero But Possibly Superhuman?

Reality can be stranger than fiction and thanks to technology and genes humans are able to do more than was ever thought possible.

Eaten Alive: A Puzzle for Law Enforcers and Policy Makers To Unravel

Injecting this drug may be thought of as introducing miniature crocodiles into one’s anatomy.

Mission for Muscle: A basic guide to protein powder

It’s cheap, it saves time and it’s tasty. The fitness industry and the supplement market is booming - with protein powder right at the very top of everyone's wish list.