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Wilko staff thank generous shoppers as they become closer to their target in aid of Marie Curie

The manager of Wilko's store in Boscombe, Dave Curtis has thanked the shoppers of their store as they push on to raise £3000 for Marie Curie. The store will have books, cakes and a tombola as they encourage shoppers to raise the money.

Dorset sees an all time high in hate crimes

Over the past six months Dorset has seen a significant rise in the number of hate crimes across the county. Dorset police have seen the amount double.

NUS Vice-President involved in latest scandal...

NUS have been found to be involved in yet another scandal. With Vice-President Richard Brooks being at the centre of it. He is wanting to make sure that the current President won't be re-elected.

America is Red: Trump elected President after shock Clinton defeat

On Wednesday morning Donald Trump was made the new President of the United States beating rival Hillary Clinton. Trump beat the Democratic hopeful by winning the key swing states of Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.

16 days until the US election

With just 16 days until the US election. We take a look into both Trump and Clinton

BU to be the first campus to have gourmet noodle vending machines

Mr Lee's Noodles are coming to BU in the form of vending machines. Students late night exam cravings will be solved.