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Are we drinking too much?

Has the amount of alcohol you consume ever concerned you? The drinking culture in the UK has meant having one drink makes you boring. Perhaps as a society we now go out with the intention of getting drunk instead of having a sociable night.

Have you bought FIFA 17?

When FIFA 17 got released on the September 27th. Thousands cued outside their local supermarket at midnight to get hold of the game. The game which portrays football in the virtual word is one of the most popular video games and has sold more than 100 million copies since it's release in 1993.

The one thing that really grinds my gears... driving tests!

Nobody likes taking their driving test. Emma Kerslake explains why she really hated taking hers.

What a bunch of clowns

Clowns have seemingly taken over the internet ever since the advertisement of the new The Purge film. The hype from the USA has landed in Great Britain.

The end of print journalism?

Last week saw the announcement that The Independent, a national paper whose history spans over 30 years, is ceasing to exist. With such a prestigious newspaper not being able to withstand the test of the digital era, does this bode well for the future of print journalism?

Time to dump The Jump?

Channel 4's The Jump should it be cancelled forever?