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Interview with San Francisco's The Stone Foxes

The Stone Foxes played at 60 Million Postcards last night, as a part of their UK tour.

After Bite the Buffalo left the stage with their short but sweet set, The Stone Foxes took the stage to give the audience a gold ol’ rock ‘n’ roll show.

People know their songs from the Jack Daniel’s whisky TV adverts with their song “I’m a King Bee”.

They have also opened from indie legends The Black Keys and Cage the Elephant.

Shannon, Spence, Vince, Ben, Brian and Elliott were far away from San Francisco but they had a blast performing all over the UK.

I had a chance to interview Shannon and Vince before they went on stage for their set.

How’s the tour going?

Shannon: It’s really ridiculous, it’s awesome. You live half a world away and you come hear and people sing along and know the lyrics. You know there’s a lot of moshing out here too and people get mashed up and they don’t care, you don’t hear any complaints. People are ready to party out here.

What’s been the best show so far?

Shannon: We are really excited for London but there has been some really good ones like Bath was ridiculous last night.

Leeds was great too.

I know so far it’s been really cool to come out here because you know in America, we do all the coasts, but you know you hit a dud here and there but so far it’s been pretty ‘kick ass’ every night.

Everybody’s so nice and that’s the great part about it.

It’s not hard to come here and have fun because everyone is so sweet to everyone.

What’s the inspiration for the new album?

Vince: A lot of that was because we got a new crew, we had six members writing together and there was three new guys that had just joined and I was one of them.

So it was kind of just a process of us all joining and coming together to see how we jelled as musicians together.

All of us bringing in bits and pieces of songs.

There was a lot of collaboration, so there was a lot of us in the studio like somebody has a tiny idea or some lyrics.

It was a big process of finding our sound together.

What’s your favourite songs from over the years?

Shannon: My two favourites are probably “Eyes For Love” and “Cold Like A Killer”.

I feel like those two are really mature songs.

There’s a lot of stuff that I like, we wrote it so we feel like we like them.

You wanna feel proud about what you’re doing.

We feel really stoked on the record and we are pumped for that and we get to play every night.

We get to take our crew and take to it to a whole new level next time.

Vince: It’s a really good beginning for this crew we are really excited and this is a big step is going to take us for the next album.

What’s your future plans?

Shannon: This was sort of our last push for the new record.

Now we are doing some festivals over the summer and we’re doing one with the Flaming Lips.

We’re doing some cool San Francisco gigs and do that but in the mean time, really hunker down and start writing.

It’s perfect we got here when we did because now we are just sort of selling and we can just have a good time on stage and so we are not thinking anything except for the music and having fun with people on stage and off stage.

Doing any UK festivals?

Shannon: We would like to can you get us some.

Would you visit Bournemouth again?

Shannon: We would love to! This is round one so there should be a few more rounds.

So Vince, how was the process of coming into the band?

Vince: Another guy who at the same time as me had a band for six years before The Stone Foxes.

We used to play shows with The Stone Foxes in San Francisco on the West Coast so we have known each other for a long time.

It was fun to just dive in together like merging two bands in a way to see what would happen and I think we have a really nice chemistry and a lot of fun.

Shannon: For us, it was like there was only two guys that would make it work.

We feel pretty lucky that we got together.

Vince: Everyone was available at the right time. It was kind of magical.

Shannon: It is magical, like this whole tour dude.

Vince: We are The Stone Foxes. We believe in magic.


Thanks to 60 Million Post Cards and to We Broke Free for being so accommodating and lovely.