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Shows and films for Christmas

It’s coming up to Christmas and all we want is to curl up in a onesie and watch some great movies and TV shows. Here’s our pick of the best.

Christmas is the best time to curl up and watch a few movies or a good TV series or two. © sburke2478 via Compfight

The thought of snuggling up indoors to stay away from the Antarctic weather conditions seems like the best option for people nowadays. What to do to get into the Christmas spirit? You could eat mince pies, give out Christmas cards, only to not get one in return (I’ve been there) or help set up the Christmas tree, only to find glitter and tinsel in places that you never thought was possible.

Sitting with your loved ones in your onesie in front of the television watching something christmassy seems like the much better option, so here are some of the things to watch to get you in the Christmas mood!

Rise of the Guardians
This film is a lot more recent compared to a lot of the others that will be in this list. However it is a lighthearted tale that you’ll probably love. It’s about the journey that Jack Frost has to go through to be appreciated and recognised as someone who children love. It’s based around Christmas time and the inclusion of other characters such as the Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher), Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman), Jack Frost (Chris Pine) and of course Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin) gives this a different feel for the Christmas festivities. Though it has the standard storyline of ‘saving Christmas… for the children’, it’s still a sweet tale, guaranteed to get you all festive.

Weird choice, but I re-watched this for the sake of writing this article a couple of days ago and realised that it does get you all christmassy, particularly because of the ending. It’s about a boy called Alan (Robin Williams) who gets sucked in a game called ‘Jumanji’ and he has to battle with Peter (Bradley Pierce) and Judy (Kirten Dunst) to get everything back to normal, since mythical creatures materialise with their every move. It seems as if the best films/shows to get you in the Christmas spirit are probably not about Christmas to be honest.

Moone Boy, Sky 1
This very funny series co- stars Chris O’Dowd. It’s about a boy with an imaginary friend (Chris) who both get up to a lot of mischief, whether it’s the pains of growing up or family life in general. Series 2 is coming back on our screens in December and it’s sure to get you laughing as it relates back to our own family mishaps around Christmas.

Home Alone
It’s like an unwritten rule to include this no matter what. It was either this or the Christmas special of Downtown Abbey, but I opted for the beloved classic. Mayhem and mischief, with Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) who gets left behind at Christmas, and the battle he has to go through to keep two pesky burglars out of his house. This probably gives the young’uns ideas of how to pull pranks (I’ve been on the receiving too), but nevertheless a much-loved Christmas film.