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Interview with Louis Berry

By Melo Ruswa

23 year old singer-songwriter, Louis Berry, is poised to become the next big thing.

Born and bred in Liverpool, Louis has had to overcome some hardships while growing up on a council estate with a father addicted to heroin.

However that hasn’t stopped his ascent into music stardom.

He has gained the support of major DJs such as Annie Mac and John Kennedy, played at numerous festivals such as the great escape and dot-to-dot, and was even dubbed ‘one to watch’ at last year’s GIT awards in Liverpool.

Louis Berry, is clearly a force to be reckoned with.

He is currently signed to Ministry and is in the middle of supporting the band ‘Sunset Sons’ on their tour.

We caught up with him ahead of the Bournemouth leg of the tour to ask him about his music career.

How does it feel to be supporting Sunset Sons?

“I don’t like supporting people in general as I prefer my own gigs but Sunset Sons have been really accommodating and I get on with them on a personal level so I’m enjoying it.”

Were you a fan of theirs before the tour?

“No I’d not heard of them actually.”

Are you excited to play in Bournemouth?

“Yeah! The South coast gigs have always been fun before and I haven’t been to Bournemouth yet. I’ve heard they are a great crowd.”

How hard has it been to break into the music industry?

“I haven’t broken into the music industry- the music industry broke into me! I played one gig and ended up signing a publishing deal off the back off that! Then after me 2nd gig I signed a record deal- it was crazy.”

How would you describe your singing style?

“I don’t look too much into my style to be honest or think about it too much- singing for me is just an expression of the lyric. And I’m all about that.”

How did you start singing?

“When I first started writing, I met a guy who could also write music and sing. I went to meet him with the intention of playing a bit of guitar but he didn’t turn up. So I sang instead.”

How do you feel about all your fans, have you had a lot of support?

“Yeah massive support across the country so far which has been great and most importantly in my own city! It makes me proud that people from home feel the way about me that they do. Just through the reactions and the comments from them… it’s really fulfilling to get that and they uplift me.

“The people of Liverpool have a distinct identity and when they believe in you, you become an unstoppable force because they are so loyal. They will go out of their way to sustain and support you.”