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Gina Yashere - Comedy Review

International Comedian Gina Yashere performed a one woman show at the Lighthouse Poole, last Sunday.

Trying to sneak into the dark theatre room unnoticed, minutes late didn’t quite go to plan.

“Look at these late black people,” said Gina. “I bet you two are from Bournemouth”- cue bright lights and roars of laughter.

I quickly took to my seat to find myself giggling within only a matter of seconds - whilst the audience were engaged in deciding whether it’s nicer to live in Poole or Bournemouth.

During her two hour show,  she spoke about her experiences travelling, being introduced to the ‘dick deck’ and unleashing her tales of life with OCD.  Interesting, warm and relatable, Gina tore the house down.

I thought my OCD was bad, but Gina’s transparency about living with OCD highlighted that the condition comes in various forms. Gina travels with her own bedding, she has slippers that she specifically wears in hotels and refuses to touch the remote with her bare hands.

As if her struggles of being black and getting a cab in America weren’t enough, her challenge with the security officer in the airport blew me and the audience away. From tattoos to airport security to her sexuality to racial stereotypes, Gina never failed to keep us all wanting more.

My expectations were exceeded. The evening was lovely and her natural approach created a warm atmosphere that made the night relaxing and enjoyable.

A wave of infectious laughter the entire night, Gina’s style and personality is addictive. This is my first of many shows I hope to see and if you have not already checked her out, believe me you’re missing out.

Gina Yashere: Poole Lighthouse