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Years and Years shine in Bournemouth

By Daniel Sansom

British boy band Years and Years treated Bournemouth to a spectacular evening of music and dancing on Monday night at the Bournemouth International Centre.

Olly Alexander and co certainly did not fail to disappoint, entertaining a fully-packed Windsor Hall for just over an hour and a half.

Supported by 19-year-old vocalist Mabel and Danish singer and songwriter MØ, the concert attracted a sold-out crowd and surpassed all expectations.

Hundreds of fans made their way into the venue once the doors had opened and gathered impatiently around the stage.

Friends laughed and joked with each other, and others stood quietly, intently sipping their alcoholic beverages and focusing on what they hoped would be a fantastic evening of music and entertainment.

Spanish-born singer Mabel began proceedings.

The pure brilliance of the 19-year-old’s vocals was evident straight away, and although she found it hard to engage with the audience at times, the teenager did an admirable job.

After some of her biggest songs, including the hit “My Boy My Town”, the young artist made way for the highly anticipated 27-year-old Danish singer MØ.

MØ, which means ‘maiden’ or ‘virgin’ in Danish, dazzled the crowd with her confident dancing and powerful vocals.

Her interaction with the audience was immediately obvious and the hit song “Lean On” in which she features, produced by Major Lazer and DJ Snake, captured the attention of thousands inside an explosive Windsor Hall.

After about thirty minutes of constant mayhem, which involved an unorderly queue for the toilet or a last minute rush to the bar, the waiting was almost over.

At approximately 9.15pm, the band that everyone had been waiting for was finally about to perform.

Immediately the lights dimmed and the hall was plunged into darkness for a brief moment.

Suddenly red lights began flashing around the venue to match a rumbling bassline.

Then, emerging from the shadows, Years and Years casually strolled onto the stage.

Entertaining the crowd with “Foundation” followed by “Take Shelter,” Alexander’s vocal skills were evident for all to see.

It was apparent that the thousands who had turned up to see Years and Years were fully absorbed in the evening’s events the very moment the band began to perform.

Sparkling in glitter, the blonde-haired Alexander pranced around the stage and welcomed the Bournemouth crowd before playing the piano and singing the soft ballad “Memo.”

Alexander continued to dazzle the audience with “Desire,” which lead to the band’s most avid supporters singing the lyrics along with him.

Some of the group’s biggest hits such as “Real,” “Eyes Shut” and “Shine” enhanced what was already an incredible atmosphere inside the BIC, but before the party was over there was one final song that simply had to be performed.

Alexander finished the evening with the band’s super-hit “King”, which reached number one in the UK singles chart.

As hundreds stood up, waved their arms and mimicked Alexander’s energetic dance moves, it was clear that the evening had been a huge success.

Years and Years certainly lived up to their billing.

It was a night that will live long in the memory.