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What would we do without Facebook?

Technology has advanced our lives in so many areas, but sometimes I wonder if I could be doing more with my afternoons than just being sat around the house checking Facebook and Twitter until I go to bed. 

Bournemouth Beach on a wintery Sunday… It was still warm! ©Sam Clayson

As students, we are at an age when life is probably going to be the most generous to us. Hearing my parents and grandparents talking about all the things they wish they’d have done makes me wonder about what we could be doing each afternoon/evening. Something that’s more interesting then sat watching television and spending a whole evening on Facebook. We seem to rely heavily on technology (Facebook/Twitter/Vine etc.) to entertain us and there’s a selection of more exciting things we could be doing with our time.

My Nana, who is now heavily reliant on a walking frame and a wheelchair, always tells me how she misses being able to walk alongside people and enjoy the sights around her without being in pain. She says she wishes she had more memories of it; it’s an old saying that we learn from our elders. Something as simple as going on a walk with our best friends, boyfriends/girlfriends or family is such a nice change.

It’s also a great way to make some solid memories; instead of saying: “remember that time we all watched television together”, we can say “do you remember that walk we went and enjoyed fish and chips on the beach?”. Plus being at Bournemouth University, we have the beach right there. It seems a shame not to spend as much time on it as we would in the summer just because it’s slightly colder.

Also close to Bournemouth beach, in Bournemouth Gardens is the big hot air balloon and for students, you get a discounted price! It’s a great way to see some more of Bournemouth and if you don’t feel like walking but want to get out in the fresh air, it allows you to relax from all the revision going on. You could make an afternoon of it and take a picnic down to the gardens.

Understandably walks aren’t everyone’s favourite choice so if you’re choosing an afternoon away from Facebook; what else is there to do? Well, everyone raves about the New Forest, how fun it is to go to the pub and have a few drinks or enjoy a nice home cooked meal and spend some time enjoying a different scene. If you’ve got a bike, you could take advantage of the lovely sights around the New Forest and enjoy a bike ride.

Ultimately, there are many activities out there for us to get involved with allowing us the opportunity to explore the surroundings more and avoid that feeling and the phrase “I wish I had of…” when we get a bit too tired and outdated.