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Victoria: A band on the rise

Bournemouth’s Student Union The Old Fire Station has played host to many bands over the years and Sunday 22nd saw London based indie rockers Victoria take to the stage as the support for Newton Faulkner.

Victoria, a five piece tribe of obscenely fashionable men, were a perfect choice to warm up the crowd being engaging and with a recognisable sound that would slot perfectly into the current UK Top 40.

Supported by an elaborate light show, or as elaborate as you can get in a SU, Victoria were tight when it came to their performance. It was clear they enjoyed each other’s company on stage and complimented one another perfectly.

It was also refreshing to see a band respect their audience.

With ages ranging from small children to the elderly their music was inoffensive and didn’t attack the crowd balancing a rock and pop show perfectly.

If One Direction, Busted and Blink 182 were asked to create a band from their sounds, Victoria would be the outcome

Their songs ranged from well constructed, foot tapping melodies to sing along anthems that kept the crows entertained throughout.

The diverse vocal range of lead vocalist Joe Housley meant their music had an abundance of variety and while many members of the audience were unaware of their lyrics when they first began playing, by the end many were singing in chorus to their songs, specifically Into the Wild, a song revamped for a 2015 release.

It is surprising that Victoria haven’t sky rocketed to overwhelming success already. Each member brings something refreshing to the table while keeping the band current and relatable.

They were a pleasure to watch and you should definitely keep your eyes peeled if Victoria visit to your town.