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The Other Guys Film Podcast – Episode 4

Under The Skin is reviewed on The Other Guys film podcast ©StudioCanal

Patrick Wilson and Luke Stevenson are back for another episode of The Other Guys film podcast, this time with Charlotte Willis, Deputy Online Editor of The Rock and Chief Sub Editor at Undertone Online.

For this week’s news round-up on The Other Guys film podcast, the gang discuss The Purge: Anarchy, the first trailer for Lucy, and the bizarre poster for Paddington.

As for reviews, the trio catch up on Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel and arthouse fantasy Under The Skin, based on the book by Michel Faber.

Luke provides more on-the-spot movie pitches, Patrick’s dearly missed Netflix Picks are back and finally, the team sum up the movies to look out for next week.

The interlude music used this week is Dance Electric, by Mardik9.

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