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Hamworthy Library pins hopes on toy story buzz

A toddler's one armed monkey is the toy story spearheading Hamworthy Library's new campaign to encourage children to read more

Strictly Come Dancing Inspires Many To Dance

Over the past years, popular TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing has influenced many young people to take up dancing.

Bournemouth's budding bloggers

DEorset’s blogging community is seemingly divided into two sectors. First are the beauty and lifestyle bloggers. They cover anything from London Fashion Week to their favourite restaurants with an abundance of photographs and exacerbated emotions. They tend to fit into a younger demographic and appeal to a teenage and young adult audience.

Concerns over child poverty in Boscombe and Kinson

Over twenty per cent of children are living in a state of poverty across parts of Bournemouth, according to figures released by the Campaign to End Child Poverty.

Bournemouth fashion brand el RHEY launches ColourMe Wellies

The innovative rainwear product for kids, ColourMe Wellies, was launched yesterday by Bournemouth fashion brand el RHEY with an event at the Executive Business Centre in Lansdowne.

Local mums go against spending trend

Three new mothers from Bournemouth have told The Rock that they spent less than £600 to prepare for their babies, which goes against recent research.

Let’s talk about sex, Britain

There is a bit of a debate raging amongst the main political parties about lowering the age of consent from 16 to 15. The main obstacle to this being a real debate is all of the parties broadly agree that it is a bad idea. And, for once, they are completely right.

Caring for children in Boscombe

Two thirds of children adopted through Bournemouth Borough Council are from the Boscombe area.

Forcing a religion on youngsters is bullying

Last week Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion, repeated his claims that indoctrinating children with religion is as bad as child abuse.