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After Treatment

The stories of young women who have been through the cancer process and the fears they have for the future.

BU to be the first campus to have gourmet noodle vending machines

Mr Lee's Noodles are coming to BU in the form of vending machines. Students late night exam cravings will be solved.

BU fundraiser David Clarke goes the extra mile

A Bournemouth University student is bidding to make history for a second time, as he prepares to take on one of the most prestigious 10km events in the world.

Undie Run- Cancer Research

There will be an 'Undie Run' tomorrow (Friday 24th) at Bournemouth University in aid of Cancer Research UK.

'No makeup selfies'- They're for a good cause

Although they have been highly criticised as irrelevant and a way for people to fish for compliments on the way they look, covering it up as a way of ‘spreading awareness’. I disagree, I think they're definitely doing some good.