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Spectre Review

By Shemonti Shams

The 24rd instalment of the Bond series Spectre hit screens worldwide this month, and the reviews are unfortunately only marginally favourable. I say this because the powerhouse Forbes Magazine themselves quoted that “Spectre is the worst 007 movie in 30 years”; whereas BBC is hailing about Bond already breaking box-office records.

I personally don’t think the movie was the worst in 30 years but it certainly fell short to its predecessor Skyfall which did exceedingly well.

The success of Skyfall seems to have become both a curse and a blessing due to the fact that: the success of Skyfall ensures that there will be a high viewer rating for it’s follow-up.

But it also puts extra pressure on the directors and producers to create something even better.

And I’m afraid, it failed to outdo Skyfall. The producers seemed to try old school Bond it’s-all-connected mystery with a more modern storyline which just didn’t click for me and obviously it didn’t for Forbes magazine either.

So although the movie starts off with a bang (quite literally), it fails to carry that power throughout the whole film. Simply put, the plotline just wasn’t as entertaining as it could’ve or maybe should have been.

To worsen the matter, the Bond franchise tried to redeem their sexist ways this time round by hiring their oldest Bond-girl yet, the beautiful Monica Bellucci (geriatric by the sound of the media, at 51).

The audiences may have started off thinking that yes, finally the girls are getting more spotlight, however Bellucci’s widowed character only comes in handy after a classic Bond “quickie” and then she seems to be of no value.

Léa Seydoux also failed to impress this time round, which seemed extra disappointing if you want to refer back to their past successes such as Blue is the Warmest Colour. There was room and potential for much more meaty roles for both of these characters.

But reviews aside, it does seem to be doing well in the box-offices which does suggest that it might not be a total waste of money to go give it a watch!