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All The Small Things

By Jack Richardson

According to the RSPCA, on average every 30 seconds someone in England and Wales dials the RSPCA’s cruelty line.

That would mean there are approximately 2900 reports of animal abuse daily in the United Kingdom.

Throughout the year charities do their best to raise awareness of this issue, but April is a particularly special month in their calendar as it is National Pet Month.

Across the country, schools are teaching children about animal safety and the RSPCA, and adults are being encouraged to adopt rescue animals.

Although many would like to adopt a pet, it is not always possible, especially with larger pets such as dogs and cats needing a lot of upkeep and time.

But adopting a smaller rescue animal is a happy medium.

A Hamster or Guinea Pig needs considerably less attention than a dog or cat, and the act can be just as rewarding.

They are also more common than you would think.

Bournemouth University student Adam Safta adopted a rescue Syrian hamster from Pets at Home.

As a huge animal lover, Adam originally tried to get two hamsters but was advised to only get one as they often fight.

He has always had a love of animals and has owned an array of pets, from cats to tortoises.

“I named the Hamster I adopted Nutty because of her energetic nature and hazelnut-coloured fur.

“I chose a Hamster as they are very easy to look after, especially because I am at university and not living at home.

“It would have been hard to have a cat or dog or large animal.”

Nutty the Hamster

The life expectancy for a hamster is three years, which Adam felys was appropriate as it mimicks his course length and gives him a companion throughout his studies.

“It’s a nice feeling to know you have a responsibly and that something is relying on you.”

Originally Adam did not intend on getting a rescue hamster and was going to buy a new one, but when he saw Nutty, it was love at first sight.

“Nutty was so sad in her little cage and was curled up into a little ball.”

“The worker believed something had happened to her with her past owners because she was so scared.”

This broke Adam’s heart and he knew he needed to give her a second chance at happiness.

After a week of owning her, she became a whole new hamster.

“Before Nutty, I wasn’t aware you could adopt rescue animals that aren’t dogs or cats, but now I know, I don’t think I will go back to buying new-borns.

“I think more people need to be aware of it and I’m happy I could offer love and stability to a pet in need.”

Adoption is not the only thing you can do to help these animals.

You can also donate to charities like the RSPCA, that give animals care and a shelter.

For those who have money to spare and don’t have the space or time to own their own pet, donating is a great way to show support and help these abused or abandoned pets.