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Russell Brand - Messiah Complex Review

Russell Brand is not just your typical dirty humoured comedian, but is in fact a revolutionary who expresses himself through his intellectual comedy.



Risqué, energetic and fabulous are but three words that come to mind when talking about Russell Brand. The 38 year old comedian bought his new stand- up tour: ‘The Messiah Complex’, to Bournemouth on Friday 25th October.

In his show, Brand explores the way in which he is (very loosely) the same as famous leaders such as Gandhi, Che Guevara and even Jesus; thus showing himself to have a messiah complex.

His hilarious anecdotes about protests, performances and his penis were punctuated with his own ‘Brand’ of close to the wire, edgy comedy, reflecting the current economic situation, politics and other topical subjects. The show comes directly after his controversial Newsnight interview with Jeremy Paxman; in which he called for a political revolution due to the disenchantment with politicians today and with the ‘lies, treachery, deceit of the political class’.

Having seen him the day after this interview went viral, the topic of politics was one on everyone’s minds. When Brand asked if people had seen it, the audience went wild, which shows just how many people one man can reach, and often influence, just by going against the status quo.

Russell Brand was on top form, with his situational piece about Bournemouth being hilariously accurate; Bournemouth is the only place in which you can go out to a club dressed as a banana and no one will bat an eyelid. Speaking from experience as a zombie, this is entirely true.

True to his nature, Brand reminded the crowd that he wasn’t ‘leaving without a shag’ - which, judging by the screams from the majority of the female audience (and a vast proportion of his male fans too), indicated that he wouldn’t have too much of a problem achieving that in Bournemouth tonight!

Brand is often mistaken for a man who thinks like a ‘lad’, yet it is hard to doubt how clever he is, with his incredible vocabulary which he uses with such lexical ease, and his ideas which tackle hard issues- his performance is both incredibly funny and thought stimulating.

Talking to people after the show, it seemed clear that this indeed appears to be the common view of Brand. I asked a few people to describe him: “A gorgeous man who is mentally enriching and utterly hilarious” said Molly Mileham- Chappell, a student at BU, and on Twitter he was described as “such a captivating performer” by @PutItInTheMixer, a writer.

One thing I truely admire about Russell Brand is how, even though he has undoubtedly had a lot of hardship in his life, he has always seemed amazingly down-to-earth. Whether that be through helping the homeless, through controversial interviews or just how he waited around at the end of the show to sign things and meet people.

I think it is safe to say that he is a man whose heart is really in the right place and could definitely do a lot of good in the world. When he returns to Bournemouth, I am sure he will be greeted with the same amount of energy and love that he puts into every performance: I loved his show and hope he returns soon!