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Review: The Revenant

By Carmella Haswell

This film is perfectly savage as it depicts a story focusing on historical events, and on the survival of the fittest, through a journey of revenge.

The Revenant is directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, who wrote this film alongside Mark L. Smith.

It includes the stars Leonardo DiCaprio (Hugh Glass), Tom Hardy (John Fitzgerald) and Will Poulter (Jim Bridger).

It is based on the real story of Hugh Glass, a frontiersman and fur trapper in the 1800’s.

It portrays the incredible struggle of a man who is left for dead after a brutal bear attack.

Suffering from gruesome wounds, Glass endures excruciating pain and unbearable climates as he begins tracking down Fitzgerald, in seek of revenge.

DiCaprio’s performance as Hugh Glass is absolutely inspiring during the bear attack; it will have you cringing and gripping your seats at the savage scene, it is almost impossible to watch.

This is not the only gruesome encounter faced.

Glass eats the left over carcass of a bison, which had previously been taken down by a pack of wolves.

Not the mention how Glass slices open the body of a horse, removes its insides and crawls into it, to keep warm over night.

These extraordinary scenes define what survival really is.

Tom Hardy does not disappoint when it comes to playing the mumbling, hostile and violent character, John Fitzgerald.

Although his speech is not always clear, he manages to provoke tension with Glass and Bridger.

The film mainly focuses on Glass and so Hardy’s character is not fully explored, but nevertheless he provides darkness to the film that puts everything in motion.

The film is a three way chase between Glass, Fitzgerald and the Native Americans; it has a brutal reality but an insight to this historical story.

However the ending does not answer all questions of the story and rather creates more enigmas.

What is definite is that The Revenant is a must see adventure thriller.