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Review: Kaiser Chiefs & Public Service Broadcasting

The Kaiser Chiefs predicted a riot, and they got one at their electrifying show at the Bournemouth International Centre.

The evening began with a strong performance from Public Service Broadcasting, who informed, educated and entertained the crowd with their original sound.

The duo, made up of J. Willgoose, esq. and Wrigglesworth, along with two live session musicians, showcased their interesting mix of sampled public information clips, together with live guitar, electronics, bass, banjo and percussion.

The band started their set with perhaps their rockiest song, “Signal 30”, launching their audience into a brilliant set that showed just what they are capable of.

PSB picked favourites from their first album, including “Night Mail”, “Theme from PSB” and “Spitfire”, all of which were complemented by brilliant visuals on giant vintage style televisions.

They delighted fans with two brand new tracks, “Go!” and “Gagarin”, which really got people dancing. The band closed the set with “Everest”, an uplifting and catchy track from the debut album.

PSB were given considerable applause at the end of their set, which bodes well for their upcoming UK tour in the spring. The Rock spoke to the duo before the performance, and the interview will soon be available to read.

The Kaiser Chiefs stormed onto stage in a haze of dry ice fog that erupted from the front of the Windsor Hall. They started their set with “The Factory Gates”, a punk-like track from their latest album. The frontman Ricky Wilson roused the crowd with his endlessly energetic performance, exploding into “Everyday I Love You Less and Less”, which was met with tremendous cheering and lots of dancing and jumping from the crowd.

One catchy number gave way to another, one of the highlights of the gig was “The Angry Mob”, in which Ricky surprised the audience by running from the stage to the middle of the hall, making the audience turn to see him as he encouraged the crowd the chant the chorus.

More than two thirds of the way through their UK tour, the band are still full of energy, and the stage performance pulls out all the stops to entertain the audience, from hand-held dry ice and streamer guns, to climbing on top of amps.

The band are gracious to their old fans, and played ‘Team Mate”, a song from “Employment”, which has never been played on tour before. There was also an entertaining ‘Bandomizer’ round in which the guitarist, Whitey got to pick a random back catalogue song to play.

The evening’s entertainment draw to a close with some of their best known hits, “Ruby” and “I Predict a Riot”, as well as their impressive cover of The Who’s “Pinball Wizard” in which large mosh-pit circles broke out as the crowd surged. “Coming Home” ended the set, and was lovingly accompanied by video footage moving around Bournemouth’s pier, beach, and lower gardens.

After the band left the stage, there was a hilarious short video featuring the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, giving the band a scolding and shouting at them to go back on stage and show the audience what they can do.

The band returned with a superb new song “Falling Awake”, and culminating in the brilliant sing along hit “Oh My God”. The audience were left feeling absolutely satisfied with an invigorating and brilliant stage show that showed just how captivating a modern rock show can be.