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Is Pop Punk a dying genre?

Out of curiosity I Googled ‘What is Pop-Punk?’

What I found was a group of pretentious Internet dwellers perfecting their list of bands that fit into the genre of pop punk.

This included everyone from Bowling for Soup to Fall Out Boy, The Offspring to Paramore.

It also said that these bands are ‘out of touch’ and past their sell by dates by years.

There are over 76 definitions of what Pop-Punk is or is not on the Urban Dictionary website and hundreds of articles detailing why punk is or isn’t a dying sub-genre of the rock scene.

Everyone from Green Day to Good Charlotte have been branded with the Pop-Punk stamp of approval and they both continue to entertain fans young and old now.

My first problem with this is that all of these bands have sold out tour dates.

After recently witnessing the sheer happiness pouring out of a Bowling for Soup show and the variety of ages, genders and fashion statements throughout the Boscombe 02, I refuse to accept that pop-punk fans are a dying breed.

My second point is that a lot of the new, up and coming bands in the rock genre who are now shouting from my television screen whenever I hop back to the Kerrang!

Channel fit into the Pop-Punk genre perfectly. All Time Low, We Are the in Crowd and Sleeping With Sirens all slot lovingly into the palm of Pop-Punk’s hand but people refuse to recognise that.

They instead choose to lump them somewhere on the alternative music spectrum and glaze over the fact that Pop-Punk is still very much alive.

My final issue with the apparent death of pop punk is that it seems to be over zealous Indie or Heavy metal fans who have the problem.

They have crawled so far into their cool zones that they refuse to remember the days of bouncing around to pop-punk music in their bedrooms, spiking up their hair and brandishing sweatbands with their favourite artist on them.

The genre formed an entire generation and continues to influence younger age groups more and more.

I am so excited to see what the future holds for Pop-Punk and will continue to brandish my Defend Pop-Punk title until I’m old and grey.