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Pixelpyros launch Bournemouth Arts Festival with a Bang

Pixelpyros, a digital firework display, performed on the seafront to open the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival.

The 5-year-old festival, aims to support the development of all variations of art within the town. Therefore the town will host many free events in an attempt to get people to enjoy art across all of its forms.

The theme for the festival this year is light, and the organisers hope that the seafront, gardens and town centre will be brought to life with colourful performers and engaging art for all ages.

The Pixelpyros performances opened the festival with a bright, energetic and colourful performance, which relied solely on audience participation.

Using projectors, lasers and infrared technology, the Pixelpyros turned a 60 ft wide screen into a magical pyrotechnic firework display, controlled by the audience who waved their hands.

Digital artist Seb Lee-Delisle describes the screen as his “bedroom screen, just it’s outside and it’s 20 metres wide.” However this was a bedroom screen, which was enjoyed by the thousands of people who flocked to view the phenomenal display or take part in the interactive element of the show over the two days.

Seb also describes the whole project as being quite ‘intense’; he said, “it gets quite scary because there’s a lot of responsibility and a lot of moving parts, its not until its up and running that I can really enjoy the show.”

He also believes that festivals like Arts by the Sea are ‘brilliant’, describing them as having a ‘great atmosphere’ and being ‘magical’.

The festival will play host to other performers such as Nick Helm, 451, Ear Trumpet as well as many others. It will run until the 18th October and performers can be viewed in a variety of locations throughout the town centre.

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