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Palisades at The Anvil, Bournemouth

I’m stood outside at the back entrance of The Anvil of Bournemouth, two New Jersey boys are in good spirits in the form of Palisades duo Lou Miceli and Brandon Sidney ahead of their headline slot. Lou rests up against the concrete wall, Brandon huddles into his jacket.

Hey guys, in a nutshell, what are Palisades all about?

[LM]: About having fun! Expressing ourselves in the way that we can, never be afraid to be who we want to be, and be who you want to be. And yeah, that’s about it!

How is England treating you?

[LM]: Everyone’s been great, we love the U.K. This is the third time we’ve been [to The U.K.] but first time in Bournemouth.

So, what are you expecting of Bournemouth tonight?

[BS]: It should be packed out and very, very interesting.

What can we expect to hear tonight?

[LM]: We’re gunna do a lot of stuff off of Mindgames and maybe one old classic song, something like that. A lot of fun, a lot of high energy and everybody’s gunna put their hands up! [Laughs]

Talk to me about the support, you’ve kept it quite local. What’s the idea and effect of that?

[LM]: Honestly, when we were booked for the tour, we were just going out with Our Last Night that we start tomorrow in London. We did a few dates with Ghost Town before [this tour]. But instead of renting a hotel for two days, we just said: “hey, why don’t we just play some shows around the area”. A lot of the local bands seem to be awesome, clearly they have a good fanbase around here, so it should be cool. We like shows like that because other bands get a chance to shine, to have an awesome show and bring their fanbase to us and vice versa.

What’s in the pipeline for Palisades end of 2015 and start of 2016?

[BS]: Just very busy, honesty. Gunna finish [2015] with the Our Last Night tour, in U.K. and Europe, and then we tour the U.S with them. We’re just staying busy, constantly playing out the year, currently writing for the new album [due 2016] as usual.


Parallaxis (Southampton) opened the night brightly, dashing in and out of electronic drops and metalcore breakdowns. A staunch effort for a rapidly improving band. Prolong The Agony (Portsmouth) followed with trademark drills, vocalist Larry Welling breathing some life into the audience in typically crushing style. Saint [The] Sinner (Bournemouth) added the final touches in their usual stage etiquette: theatrical and classy. The double-spearheaded vocal performance concluded a strong outing for south coast bands.

Main attraction, Palisades (New Jersey, USA), did not disappoint. A truly unique blend of nightclub-esque effects collides worlds with metalcore in an addictive twist of flavours. Finishing with a stunning encore of Outcasts, the heavyweight of their debut album, the expectancy to be a major breakthrough band in 2016 is looming larger.


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