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Open Air Yoga at BU

By Charlotte Petty

From students to full time workers, we all have a lot of trials and tribulations to deal with but not many methods of relieving the stress. All of this is about to change with an up and coming event, providing people  with the opportunity to try something new and unique to help relax.

The ‘Open Air Yoga’ event is being hosted on Thursday 28th April by a group of six Events and Leisure Marketing students, working in partnership with SportBU to showcase their health and wellbeing services and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Bethan Harper, Marketing Manager for the group, said: “We chose ‘Open Air Yoga’ as it is a unique experience and can be made accessible to everyone as it is completely beginner friend.

“We are hoping to create a relaxed, upbeat and summery atmosphere with the combination of music, yoga and free fruit and refreshments. We want to make everyone feel comfortable, happy and relaxed.”

The free yoga session will run from 1:30pm-3pm in BU’s courtyard and anyone is welcome to join in at any time, whether you want to try a quick five minute downward dog or experience a full hour and a half yoga session.

The students hosting the event have organised everything themselves, including the music, refreshments and hiring the professional yoga instructors to teach the lesson and speak to those interested in yoga and making the most of a healthy lifestyle.

Bethan said: “So far we are expecting a good turn out and lots of people are ready to embrace their first ever Open Air Yoga Session, which will hopefully be under the Bournemouth sunshine.”

As part of their promotion, the group will be in the BU Campus Atrium with a stall on Wednesday 27th April and will provide flyers and further information about the Open Air Yoga Session. Or you can find them on social media at and