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The Old Fire Station has new offers for students

We all have a great time at The Old Fire Station and they now have new offers for us students to enjoy. With term coming to an end, it’s definitely worth making the most of the Christmas events and also planning ahead for the VIP birthday experience.

The Old Fire Station, a student club in Bournemouth, offers new drinks, ticket deals and VIP birthday experiences. © Old Fire Station

Birthday Deals

The VIP experience is a great one to have in your university memories but with it being VIP, there’s a price tag attached. Most clubs charge extortionate amounts for a bottle of vodka and a table. But just because we’re a student, why should we miss out? The Old Fire Station are offering a number of deals to Bournemouth students so that you can experience VIP on a budget.

If it’s your birthday coming up, I recommend getting in touch with a member of the Events and Marketing team. They have some great offers available to ensure you get treated like a VIP. For birthday bookings, they offer a VIP table in a private room until 12pm on a Friday night for Lollipop. There are decorations of birthday hats, balloons, banners and sweets to nibble on, all for free! Your bank account is going to love this birthday. On top of this, they also offer a free glass of champagne for each table guest along with £1.50 drinks until 12pm. You can get 2 free entries and then queue jump for the rest of the birthday group. If that wasn’t enough, you can also get deals on champagne; 3 for 2 on Cava (at £20 a bottle) and Moet (at £50 a bottle).

Entry on a Friday night is £3 for a pre-paid ticket, which can be purchased at the Student Union shop at Talbot Campus and also online. You can also buy tickets on the door £4 before midnight and £5 after 12pm.

What’s new?

Drinks: It’s about time that the Fire Station got some more options in terms of drinks and these will not disappoint your tastebuds or your bank account. On offer are 6 new cocktails, fish-bowls and 8 new shooters. The shooters range from £2 to £3 and the cocktails are up to £4.50. The fishbowls come in two sizes small (£8) and large (£15).

Tickets: The Old Fire Station now offers 4 different tickets, all available online. The 1st 100 people to purchase tickets receive £1.50 drinks all night and the next 200 people will receive £1.50 drinks until 12pm. You can also now buy group tickets: 5 people for £10. These deals are great for a budget and still mean you can have a good night out.

There’s a lot going on before the end of the term at The Old Fire Station and you can be sure to enjoy these deals well into the new year.