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Mission for Muscle: A basic guide to protein powder

It’s cheap, it saves time and it’s tasty. The fitness industry and the supplement market is booming - with protein powder right at the very top of everyone’s wish list.

Protein powder is commonly used now by keen gym goers. © elana’s pantry via Compfight

Whether that be just a normal casein protein shake or a homemade mass gainer shake with the inclusion of whey, bananas and whole milk – protein powder is a vital tool in the quest of becoming healthy and aesthetic.


Whey protein has almost become a type of treat to the typical clean-eating and dedicated gym goer. Whilst sometimes cooking a chicken breast or eating a steak satisfies your stomach far more than a typical whey shake, cooking and eating meat more than once on a daily basis can start to become very time consuming and costly. Whey supplies the body with an essential hit of protein, usually ranging from between 20-40 grams per scoop. Many brands are now also including various amino acids, essential for building muscle.

This type of protein powder is absorbed a lot faster by the body with many health and fitness enthusiasts consuming whey shakes almost instantly post-workout to supplement their body’s needs straight away.


Casein is the most abundant protein in milk. This type of protein powder has a much slower digestion rate than whey, with many opting to consume a casein type shake before bed to supply the body with the necessary nutrients it needs to repair throughout sleep. Casein is one of the highest quality sources of protein available and should be considered when designing a diet plan. Like whey, servings range from between 20-40 grams of protein.

Other types

Whilst casein and whey powders are the two major players in meeting one’s daily protein requirements, others are available with different added benefits. One type is the mass gainer, often with a far higher calorie count with the inclusion of carbohydrates and fats to suit the trainer looking to gain weight. Also on the market is diet whey protein; this type of supplement shake includes things such as green tea and guarana extracts to promote weight loss. It all depends on your goals.

Overall, whether you’re just a casual gym member or hardcore daily gym goer, protein powder is a crucial in everyone’s adventure of bettering their health.