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Maleficent Review

©Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures

Maleficent is a magnificent and darker take on a classic fairy-tale.

The anticipating film that has left a bit doubt in the mind of many critics and audiences’. But Maleficent is magnificent.

Maleficent is a vengeful fairy tale that is triggered by a war between the human realm and the magical realm, to only to discover that the cursed princess may be the only one who can restore peace in this troubled land.

The special effects are remarkable and captivating to watch and it will truly transport you to another world full of magical creatures that are spectacle to see. The acting between Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning and Sharlto Copley is dramatic, wonderful and tense, as the storyline is bitter sweet.

Every true fan of the Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (1959) was sceptical about how much it had deviated from the classic. The director, Robert Stromberg, brought the essence of it all in a dark way with light and naturally humorous scenes. Yes, everything else goes against the story we all grown up knowing. But the narrator does simply state that this is the real tale of the villain Maleficent and the one we know is a myth. Many compare the two together and this causes the problems between hating and loving one or the other.

Maleficent should be seen as an individualistic film, the way it should be, as it is a loving tale of  how an anti-heroine who is enraged by getting revenge and suddenly, in a certain twist of events, becomes…well let’s just say not the monster we thought she was.

No what anyone says about this film, there is one thing for sure, Angeline Jolie was perfectly cast for the role as Maleficent and Jolie’s stunning skills and presence, brings this iconic villain to life in full form.

Maleficent is magnificent and a brilliant take on a beloved tale that has many twists and turns and giving the meaning of true love.