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Linda McCartney at BU after junk food shock

Today marked an end to Linda McCartney Foods visiting Bournemouth University.

The British food brand, which specialises in vegan and vegetarian cuisine, gave out free samples to those who tweeted #MeatFreeFeast.

BU is among several other university’s selected to take part in the event, after a survey revealed that parents worry their children eat too much junk food while away at university.

The survey, commissioned by the company, asked 2,000 parents what they felt about their teenagers’ eating habits, which found that 34 percent believed the majority of their money was spent on fast food.

Despite these concerns, the survey also showed that students themselves care about their health, with 42 percent agreeing that they are conscious of maintaining a balanced diet.

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Nihara Krause said: “This survey confirms the concerns that both older teenagers and parents have about eating a balanced diet at university.

“Strategies to promote eating well should start early in university life and can include making meals and eating with friends.”

The study also found that 40 percent of the parents asked did not trust their child to cook a meal from scratch, and instead saying they would rather buy junk such as kebabs and other takeaway foods.

35 percent of students, however, said that they take their well-being seriously.