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Interview with Victoria

By Farida Pashi

Victoria is comprised of guitarist Alex Thomas, keys player Charlie Martin, drummer Chris Moore, bass player Harry Johnson and lead singer Joe Housley. Their sound has been described as a crisp electronic production matched to a real pop nous, the group’s stadium pop-rock sound has already earned them admiring glances. Joe Housley, spoke the Rock about new music and tour life.

How long have you been together and whose idea was it to start the band?

Around about 18 months because that’s when our drummer Chris joined the band. Charlie and Alex went to school together and were always in bands together then Harry joined, and I joined when I moved to London about two years ago.

How did you get involved with Newton Faulkner’s Human Love tour?

We have the same manager luckily, and he felt that we were ready for a proper UK tour and we saw it as the ideal opportunity try to build more of a fan base.

Have you discovered who’s the messiest on the tour bus?

We’re yet to find out, it’ll be interesting. We’ll keep you posted.

Have you played in Bournemouth before?

No, it’s our first time playing Bournemouth. We’re excited to see what the crowd is going to be like and we’re expecting big things.

Victoria’s new single ‘The Edge’ is now out and available to buy and you can catch them live as the openers on Newton Faulkner’s Human Love Tour.

They will be playing on the 22nd November at The Old Fire Station. Tickets are still available from the website.