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Gorgon City at the o2 Academy - Review

What started out as quiet night turned into a massive party that continued until the early hours of the morning, thanks to talented supporting DJs and Gorgon City’s energetic performance.

The concert was part of Gorgon City’s tour showcasing their first studio album, ‘Sirens’. This house music production duo from North London has really started to grow big this year.

When I arrived to Boscombe on Friday at 10 pm, the main street looked empty. It was hard to believe that one of the most promising new pop house bands was about to start their first concert in Bournemouth. Even after the doors opened, the O2 Academy seemed quiet, with only a few people awkwardly tapping their foot to the beat. However, as the evening progressed, the venue was quickly filled with fans of electronic music.

The whole night was well-constructed. The supporting DJs, such as The Six and DJ Sarah Love kept the audience entertained and on its toes, dancing. The line-up singer, Sinead Harnett was welcomed to the stage with a big cheer.

The main act, Gorgon City, started to play at 1am. By then, the once empty hall was packed with dancing fans excited to see the band live.

The band’s stamina and unstoppable energy was radiating from the stage throughout the whole show. Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott delivered song after song. Their performance was accompanied by a group of three singers who seemed to love every moment on the stage.

I admit that I was a bit prejudiced at first: having been to a few DJ live shows in the past, I wasn’t sure I would be enjoying it. However, Gorgon City surprised me. The combination of electronic beat and the performers’ talent and enthusiasm ensured me that Gorgon City are great live performers.

It’s easy to see where Gorgon City’s popularity comes from: the tunes are catching, but each song also has a distinctive sound of its own. Songs like ‘Ready for Your Love’ that entered the UK Singles Chart at number four earlier this year, and ‘Lover Like You’ were one the more melodic songs and clearly the audience’s favourites.

Gorgon City are definitely someone to watch out for in the future. They’ve got a capturing stage presence and a good sound. Their collaborations with other artists are particularly interesting.