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Glowing performance from Sunset Sons

By Amy Boys

Sunset Sons performed at the O2 Academy in Bournemouth with supporting acts Rocky NTI and Liverpool born singer Louis Berry.

As support act, Rocky NTI, gave his all to the slowly filling O2 Academy, and people sipped on their overly priced drinks, I wondered whether either Sunset Sons, let alone Louis Berry would get the full audience they hoped for.

Thankfully, half an hour after Rocky NTI had performed, the crowd had swelled and were dancing to some of Louis Berry’s most popular songs, such as 25 Reasons, .45, and Rebel.

The up-beat and fast paced music, accompanied by Berry’s rasping, husky vocals got the O2 audience loosened up and psyched for Sunset Sons.

The performance made it easy to see how the singer from Kirkby had won the ‘One to Watch’ prize at Liverpool’s GIT Awards, as his style was similar to the popular, yet recently AWOL band, Arctic Monkeys.

After Berry had finished his set and left the crowd on a high, the time came for the main event.

The lights got brighter, the music got louder, and the crowd livelier.

Sunset Sons didn’t disappoint with performing their top hits, including On the Road, Medicine, She Wants and Remember.

The band’s performance showed no lack of enthusiasm or confidence, as the main singer, Rory Williams puppeteered the crowd, occasionally referencing the bands supportive family and friends who had all come to watch them perform.

As the set neared the end and the band left the stage, the audience waited in anticipation for an encore, to which Rory walked out on stage, in a single spotlight.

The cheers were quickly softened as the singer serenaded the audience with the much calmer song, I Can’t Wait, but as the rest of the band drifted in, the beat kicked in and the audience were left dancing to the final songs of the night, Bring the Bright Lights and On the Road.

Overall, the whole night lived up to and exceeded my excitement for it, and proved Louis Berry and Sunset Sons have the talent, catchy songs, and live performance ability to turn heads in the music world.

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