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Gabriel Rios is coming to Bournemouth

Gabriel Rios, a singer/songwriter from the Big Apple, is coming to Bournemouth to support The Staves at The Old Fire Station. The Rock had the chance to have a quick chat with him.

The English folk sister trio The Staves decided to have Gabriel support them on their UK tour, which will be coming to Bournemouth on November 7th. The Staves and Gabriel Rios are similar in a way of creating a chilled atmosphere combined with their compelling lyrics, Gabriel says it’s “quite a blessing” to be playing to an audience who listens.

He will be performing his fourth album This Marauders Midnight, which he released last year along with an illustrated short story.

His favourite gig so far has been at the Old Fruit Market in Glasgow, “Audience-wise it’s all been great really. Glasgow was especially amazing. Amazing people. Amazing venue”.

Gabriel said he is looking forward to coming to Bournemouth since it’s his first time visiting the dorset coastline, “this is our first UK tour so none of us have been anywhere yet. It’s great to wake up in a different city every day. I have no idea what to expect and that’s the way I like it”.

The songwriter plans to stay with The Staves as they are off to Germany and Austria but his main goal is to keep on writing and perform as much as he can,

“Hopefully we’ll be back here soon. I love it here!”