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Fickle Friends play at 60MPC

Fickle Friends played a hugely popular gig at 60 Million Postcards in Bournemouth on 4th February.

The 5 piece band were truly enjoyable to watch, the mood was fun and light and they really connected with the audience.

They obviously had a great rapport with each other and brought some humour between songs, which made the night stand out.

It was the 3rd night in a 28 day UK tour which the indie pop group are completing this year.

They treated us to some old favourites for those who were familiar with the group beforehand and performed their new hit ‘Say No More’ which was a truly mood lifting song and got the audience dancing.

The group were signed earlier this year already have 3 songs on their own Vevo YouTube account as well as a few others searchable on YouTube.

All members of the group were clearly very talented a few playing multiple instruments, it was just as enjoyable to see as it was to hear.

I was lucky enough to speak to vocalist Nati and drummer Sam from indie pop group about what band life is like and what plans they have for the future.


How did you first start out?

“We (Nati and Sam) met at Uni in Liverpool and moved to Brighton and met the other guys and started the group.”

Have you played in Bournemouth before?

“We’ve played here (60 Million Postcards), it was September a year and half ago, (Nati) I’m from around here, Bournemouth was my local city to go out in.”

What are your plans for the future?

“We have a single coming out this month, and then a few more releases and maybe an album.”

What’s it like to be creating an album?

“We have got a lot of work to do first, we’re on this crazy tour at the moment and we are heading over to America and then coming back for the album then it’s festival season and you forget it’s 4 months long.”

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about traveling and touring? 

“We get to do our favourite thing every night and we are the luckiest people in the world to have the job that we have.

But it’s a bit of a strange thing you travel for a couple of hours to a city before you set up at the venue; you play the show for like half an hour then you pack it all back in the van, you get back in the van and drive to travel lodge and all travel lodges are the same.

You kind of forget where were. I guess the only negative is there’s so much waiting around. Our job is 95% waiting. Usually the exploring happens post show and most times its exploring the local bars.

If you want to get up early the next day you can get up have a look around. Going for morning runs is a good way to explore a new place.”

How have things changed since you were signed?

“Umm… we have people to help, (Sam) I used to be the tour manager and the driver and the accountant and the murch guy and now I just get to play the drums so that’s kind of what’s changed.

So this time round wave got a bus and an amazing tour manager and were staying in hotels not crashing on peoples floors and driving ourselves around in a family car.”

Who or what is your inspiration?

“Many things, anything and everything, we are music students, we listen to so much music old, new Justice, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Prince, Phoenix.

So much stuff I guess blended together and we just love writing music. Content of songs is just what people write about like love, unrequited love, parties, difficult times.”

What festivals do you have coming up?

“Booked so far we have Bestival, Truck, Field day.”

Are you going to any festivals that your not playing in?

“We can’t really book off the time as we don’t really have it. We get asked that a lot like ‘who are you going to see?’ and well in reality we don’t get to see anyone.

We go in do our show and often we leave straight away. We flit between many festivals which is really fun.”

Thanks to 60 Million Post Cards and to We Broke Free for being so accommodating.