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Endurance Adventurer Sean Conway is en route around Britain

Sean Conway is the definition of extreme.

After finishing his last challenge ‘Running Britain‘ where he ran the length of Britain in 44 days, Sean is now currently through the first part of his British Ultra Triathlon where he is attempting to cycle, run and swim around the circumference of Britain.

In 10 weeks he will cycle 3,350 miles from Lulworth Cove to Scarborough, run more than 1.5 million steps to Brighton and to swim 390,000 strokes back to the Dorset coast.

Sean Conway at Lulworth Cove preparing for his triathlon

The Rock asked him about how he feeling about the challenge ahead, “I’m extremely nervous. This is the biggest challenge my life, it’s the world’s longest triathlon, that wasn’t the plan I just wanted to do something in Britain because I love this island, awesome.”

The triathlon distance is the same as travelling from London to Dubai, “I wish someone had told me, that would have been nice but now I have got to deal with it.”

Throughout the whole triathlon, Sean will be supporting himself with all of his equipment which will include a raft in the last leg of the challenge.

Sean told the Rock that the cycling is his favourite part of the challenge, however the running and the swimming will prove a struggle, ” The running is the one I could get injured on. Most runners will find this but especially doing an 800 mile run straight of the back of a 3000 mile cycle that’s a big risk of injury there.”

Sean swam the length of Britain in a former challenge ‘Swimming Britain‘ and now he will brave the English Channel, “The swim scares me the most because I am in open waters and I am dragging a raft with all my kit on it. I’m not particularly sure how that’s going to work out as no one’s done that before.”

Five years ago when Sean turned 30, he made a vow to change and start endurance adventuring, ” I was miserable with life so I sold my business for £1 and vowed from that day on to live then to just exist.”

During the past five years, including the several British run and swim challenges he also climbed Kilimanjaro in a penguin suit.

On the handlebars of his bike or attached to his rucksack you will find Sean’s lucky charm called the ‘Little Flying Cow’.

Sean bought the charm from a charity shop for £1, 10 years ago, and it has stayed with him ever since, “he’s been everywhere”.

The little cow has also got 260 Instagram followers, it has”more followers then some of my friends, it’s catching up to me as well.”

We asked what the future looks like for Sean after the Ultra Triathlon, his obvious reply at first was sleep, ” I have got a few plans but you are going to have to stay and watch the space. This one’s going to break me though so we are going to have to see but I have got many, many ideas, they are all top secret.”

Sean’s main aim with completing all these endurance challenges is to raise awareness to people to attempt to do the same, “we are far more physically and mentally capable than we think we are so if you have a big idea, go out and do it because I promise you will probably surprise yourself and how easy you can do it.”

Sean’s progress on his triathlon shows where he is and how he feelings since Discovery UK are monitoring his heart rate and how many miles he is doing a day.

Discovery are updating it every two and a half minutes so people can track his every move and possibly go out and support him a certain points.


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