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Eddie the Eagle Review

By Amy Boys

The inspirational feel good film follows the true story of winter Olympian Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards on his struggle from zero to hero.

The film presents themes of perseverance, flying in the face of adversity and sheer stubbornness.

Eddie, played by Tom and Jack Costello in the early scenes of the film, and Taron Egerton in the rest of the film, is an energetic and cheerful character from the start who dreams of having his moment in the Olympics.

His dream jumps from event to event, finally landing on the ski jump.

Although faced with numerable setbacks, his enthusiasm never waivers.

With the help of Hugh Jackman, who played former ski jump Olympian, Bronson Peary, who also had his own demons, Edwards achieves his ambition and makes it down the Olympic 90m ski jump.

Although Eddie the Eagle may fall short in Jackman’s filmography alongside bigger Hollywood blockbusters, such as Iron Man and Wolverine, his performance is still flawless.

However, he does well not to overshadow the 26 year old Egerton who shines in the movie.

The film also features names such as Christopher Walken who also appeared in Pulp Fiction, and Jim Broadbent, seen in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Moulin Rouge.

The film achieved some laugh-out-loud funny moments, as well as regular breath-more-out-of-your-nose-than-usual comedy throughout, and left the audience smiling, on an inspirational high.

Although the film is more of a second choice in cinemas compared to fantasy film, Jungle Book, I would still recommend Eddie The Eagle to anyone looking for a feel good film, as it left me with a smile on my face, feeling truly inspired.