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Climates headline show at The Anvil

This was not a typical metal night at The Anvil.

Downstairs, with merchandise tables stocked and equipment sound-checked, the night sprung into life.

Not many opening acts perform as bravely as local five-piece, Oldboy. The highlight of the set was a tremendously heavy rendition of Weezer’s Hashpipe unlike I’ve ever heard before with some magnificent vocals.

Kudos to them; I don’t believe there was a part of the stage untouched by their bassist.

Bournemouth-based, three-piece band Call Indiana displayed wonderful execution of dynamics and musical intelligence. Songs comprising of clean drumming and sublime backing vocals; this is a well-structured, eclectic band.

Upon introducing themselves, the guitarist of Pump Action Radio declared into the mic: “We’re gonna sound like Busted compared to these bands”. I wouldn’t have been that bold, but the hometown act were charismatic and gave the night a much-needed unshackling.

Acres: entrancing, hypnotic and utterly cathartic. The artistic intimacy and poetic pride in their performance was outstanding and immersive.

Richard Morgan, the frontman, captivated the crowd from start to finish.

The main-support, heralding from Hampshire, formed in 2012 and have been supporting Climates through Smalltown Records. Morgan described Acres as “ambient post-hardcore”, confirming they are now focused on writing, recording and releasing a full-length album release to conjunct with a tour in 2015.

Lastly, we have self-dubbed alternative-rock band Climates. The headliners from Lincoln took no time to eliminate the ever-present semi-circle void so commonly associated with these shows: the undesignated area that nobody wants to occupy at the front. Demanding it to be filled, the crowd pushed closer to vocalist Wes Thompson allowing them to engage with the songs.

After a few blistering tracks, hardcore-dancing inevitably ensued, encompassed by stray limbs.

I spoke with Chris and Sam of Climates afterwards who were keen to target Warped Tour as the next milestone on their music careers, on the back of a successful European and UK tour supporting Beartooth, boasting a sold-out London show.

The tour has been promoting the recent ten-track release, Bodyclocks.