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Charlie Hedges comes to Bournemouth

Charlie Hedges played at Cameo in Bournemouth, as a part of her #CharlieSays UK tour.

Charlie is known for being on Kiss FM as a part of the award winning breakfast show.

Now she has turned to her DJ career with making her debut with Armada Deep.

After her show, the rock had a chance to talk to Charlie about her set and her future plans.

Attribute to Fresh Overture HQ

So Charlie how was playing in Bournemouth? 

It was insaneeeee! Such a good start to the tour!

How was the crowd?

Absolutely amazing, always lively in Bournemouth and I love that.

I live streamed some of the set via my Facebook page so you can see for yourself!

Have you visited Bournemouth before?

Yessss and I looooveeeeeeeeee it, I played last year and had the most amazing night and I am so happy to be back.

What was your inspiration for your debut single?

I love deep and bouncy house music, I wanted something that was catchy and upbeat and something to get us in the mood early for summer so I put all my feelings down into the production.

When did you first start creating music?

I would say I first started experimenting and putting ideas together about 2 years ago but right now I’m in full swing and am making as much as I possibly can.

How will your music be different from other house DJ’s?

It’s unique in that I think I’ve found my own style and sound and it also represents me as a DJ whilst in clubs too.

Will you returning to Bournemouth for future gigs?

I sure hope so.

When I see a Bournemouth gig put in the diary I get excited as I know it’s going to be an amazing night.

What are your plans for the next few months?

Over the next few months I’ll be continuing with my #CharlieSays first ever UK tour, I have a brand new house track which I’ll be releasing on Armada Deep too in the next few months and then it’s full steam ahead with summer gigs and making more music.

What are your plans for summer, will you be performing at any festivals?

Keep your eyes peeled for sure guys, I’ll keep you’s updated with my dates on and I’ll let you all know my full summer schedule very soon after the tour.

Thanks for having me guys.

She will be on her tour till the end of May and plans to be at several festivals over the summer.