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BU Students Host Mini-Olympics

An event aiming to engage year five students in a day of sporting activities was held by BU Sport Development students on 29th April.

The Winton Mini-Olympics took place at Winton Primary School with 87 pupils taking part in a full day of activities. Events included relay races, handball, football and seated volleyball, which aimed to create a likeness to Paralympic sports.

To reflect the 2016 Olympics taking place in Rio De Janeiro, the pupils were split into teams named after South American countries. One objective of the event was to educate the children, being told facts about their teams country and asked to recall them at the end of the day.

Team-building exercises were also included to establish light competition between rival teams.

Six BU students organised the event with external volunteers on board to help with the days events.

Charlotte Sullivan, Director of Activities and Marketing for the event, said: “The children seemed to really enjoy it. Morale was high throughout the whole day and each pupil was committed to their role within their team.”

One of the year five teachers said: “I think today has been a roaring success. All of the children were heavily involved and kept their energy right from the start.”

During the ‘Closing Ceremony’ of the event, which involved a warm down and congratulations to Brazil, the winning team, the pupils were asked whether they had had a good day to which they replied with a resounding :”Yes.”