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BU to be the first campus to have gourmet noodle vending machines

Late nights at university can be even more stressful when the student shop and the canteen are closed.

Students at BU’s Talbot Campus will not have to worry for much longer as a new addition to the campus will stop the midnight hunger for students, with mounds of coursework and exams.

Mr Lee’s Noodles are coming to BU where vending machines, also known as ‘Noodle Kiosks’, will be installed by the next university year.

Bournemouth University will be the first ever campus to have the kiosks installed.

Catering group, Compass Group will setting up the vending machines to hospitals, universities and military bases if Bournemouth University is successful.

The noodles that will be in these machines are a healthier version of a pot noodle.

The noodles have freeze dried ingredients and contain low salt, sugar and fat.

The noodles are also gluten free.

CEO of Mr Lee’s Noodles, Damien Lee said : “The ingredients are freeze-dried so retain 95% of the nutrition.

“What’s more, the chicken tastes like chicken, the chilli tastes like chilli, you get the idea.”

The machines will be in the campus by July 2016.
“This is the end of the beginning, and the beginning of our bright future.”