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A Bealey big fuss over EastEnders

This week saw the catchy hashtag “EELive” circulate like wild fire around the realms of Twitter at the welcoming of Eastenders 30th Anniversary and, in turn, a succession of live episodes throughout the week.

The last year has seen an abundance of potential murders walk the murky streets of Albert Square and as the Who Killed Lucy Beale storyline came to an almighty end last week, I can’t say I wasn’t a little disappointed.

I’m not a frequent Eastenders watcher but I joined the 10 million Thursday night viewers on the edge of their seat just dying to find out who killed off the notorious Beale daughter.

I was also manically shouting ‘Jane did it’ at my television until the moment Damien from the Omen resurfaced in the form of Bobby, the naïve ten-year-old son of Ian and Jane.

He clutched the murder weapon in his hand as Jane looked on and the nation was now in the loop as to who Lucy’s real killer was – anti-climactic didn’t even cut it.

An accident Eastenders? A year of mysterious storylines and ridiculously tedious media coverage and all you could muster was an accident, are you serious?

I taught myself who everyone in Eastenders was and how they could be linked to the murder in true Sherlock fashion and that was all you could give us; how disappointing.

On the other hand, all of the Vines, Memes and hilarious Tweets have kept me entertained, particularly the ‘gangster Bobby’ Vines circulating the web which left me in tears.

I will however commend Adam Woodyatt on his perfect rendition of a heartbroken father in the live episode on Friday.

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone cry on cue so well in my entire life. Even as the cold-hearted person I am, I shed a tear. Then again he has been in it for the entire 30 years so I would hope he knew how to act by now.

After the ‘shocking’ news came and went, I was more involved in Dot’s arrest than any other storyline. Babies were being born, rapists were beaten within an inch in their life and then there was Dot, awkwardly filmed in the back of a police car being carted off to the cells with a look of misery smeared across her face. I’m holding out hope that she will reappear again as the free woman she should be.

Eastenders have disappointed their loyal fans with the shock revelation that Bobby was the cold-blooded murderer but I look forward to seeing where they take it next. If the live edition did nothing else, it gave them at least one new viewer in me. I look forward to seeing where they take Bobby’s character from here.