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Sam Clayson

I'm a Communications and Media student currently in my second year. I am passionate about planning events and weddings also commenting on weddings, I love reading, playing the piano and I'm on Pinterest pretty much 24/7.

Stories by this author

What would we do without Facebook?

Technology has advanced our lives in so many areas, but sometimes I wonder if I could be doing more with my afternoons than just sat around the house checking Facebook and Twitter until I go to bed.

The Old Fire Station has new offers for students

We all have a great time at The Old Fire Station and they now have new offers for us students to enjoy. With term coming to an end, it's definitely worth making the most of the Christmas events and also planning ahead for the VIP birthday experience.

Top 5 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate House Party

We all know hosting a house party can be quite stressful, making sure you've got the best theme, food, drink and games. Follow my 5 steps to the ultimate house party.

Student Birthdays On A Budget

Fancy going out and letting the world know you’re a year older? Why not visit some of Bournemouth’s best clubs with the top deals they offer for students on tables, bottles and entry. If you fancy a meal out there are a range of options that are great for a budget, read on to find some alternative ideas too.