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Roshan Roberts

Deputy Features Editor. Loves making Videos, Writing & Photography. Ex Student @TheBRITSchool #BAMMJ

Stories by this author

Gina Yashere - Comedy Review

Roshan Roberts comedy review of Gina Yashere at Poole Lighthouse on 22nd March 2015.

Interview with international comedian Gina Yashere

Gina Yashere's career has trans formed from being a lift engineer to an international comedian, Rock reporter Roshan Roberts interviews her about her career and comedic style

Meet the woman behind Southbourne Ales

Jennifer Tingay is a local 'brewster' striving to put Southbourne Ales on the map. She hopes to raise 150,000 in her crowd fundraiser in April 2015.

Mini Mansions: "It Takes Your Whole Life "

There's certainly something unique about this trio of songwriters and their music that sets them aside from the rest.

Coffee and curiosity collide in Boscombe's scientific cafe

Bournemouth’s very own Café Scientifique meets in Café Boscanova, attracting scientists and interest amateurs in Boscombe once a month to contribute towards the global phenomenon of science cafes.