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Hamworthy Library pins hopes on toy story buzz

A toddler's one armed monkey is the toy story spearheading Hamworthy Library's new campaign to encourage children to read more

Strictly Come Dancing Inspires Many To Dance

Over the past years, popular TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing has influenced many young people to take up dancing.

Politics students invited by MEPs to the European Parliament

BU politics students visit Brussels after being invited to go to the European Parliament by the local MEPS.

Sexism ignored amongst students

Interview with the Bournemouth university's gender equality officer Emma Baker.

Young journalists to pledge for a better future

A new photo campaign has launched for young journalists to pledge for a better future for them and the media.

Exclusive look into the BU building

The rock had exclusive access to the new academic building and to see its new features including its solar panels.

Speech at BU by the mother of Stephen Lawrence

The mother of Stephen Lawrence, came to Bournemouth University to talk to students about racial discrimination.

Interview with Victoria

Before their Bournemouth show, the rock had a chance to interview Victoria, the supporting act for Newton Falkne. It's their first time performing in the sandy beach town.