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The Rock's exclusive access to the New Academic Building.

Exclusive access to the new academic building which will have solar panels and a rain harvesting system to make the university eco friendly.

New Dyslexia research pioneered by BU

Dr Kirkby’s research at Bournemouth University investigates how dyslexia affects learners when they are reading from classroom whiteboards.

Don't Blame Chelsea for Racist Football Fans

This week a video hit the realms of the web depicting a scene in which a large group of rowdy Chelsea supporters pushed a man off a tube train in what was undeniably an act of racial discrimination.

Toddlers learn free running - aged three

Children as young as three are taking part in parkour classes with Dorset based parkour group Train Hard.

Blinded ex-officer on road to recovery

Six years after becoming blind following a vicious attack in a Woolworths store, Bournemouth ex-naval officer Chris Ford can once again shoot a gun and sail a boat.

Taking steps to relieve elderly joint pain

A Bournemouth University lecturer’s scientific study found that four months of exercise and stretching training for the elderly improved their lower limb joints when walking downstairs.

SUBU officers elected

The annual elections to appoint SUBU part time officers took place this weekend.