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Miguel Enriquez

Stories by this author

Downfall of Digital Slimming for Graduates

At the last Student Shout, one of the issues discussed was whether or not to urge the photography company in charge of Bournemouth University graduates’ photos to remove their digital slimming service.

Is journalism a career or a crime?

Do we now live in a world where journalists must tread the line carefully for fear of either being arrested by authoritative powers or killed by masked gunmen?

Taylor Swift V. The Music Industry

Taylor Swift is an anomaly. The singer-songwriter’s latest album 1989 debuted with over 1.2 millions sales in its first week- and that’s in the US alone! This feat is notable for several reasons.

Tim Cook: The Most Powerful Openly Gay Man In The World

Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple acknowledged his homosexuality in the public stage for the first time. Cook’s sexuality has been discussed at great lengths ever since his appointment of his current position at Apple in 2011 but until now, it's always been speculation.