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Josh Brushett

An ambitious aspiring screenwriter who dabbled in journalism briefly but prefers to reside in the world of fiction. Lover of films, literature, TV shows and Pokemon. Not at all clumsy or ditzy - not one bit, not even in the slightest! He is a normal, down to earth individual (whatever that entails.) Does that sound believable? No? Moving on...

Stories by this author

Corners of the mind: When fear takes over

We've all had the initial childhood phase of thinking there was a monster under the bed or in the "closet", right? Is it scarier to see something physically or just know in your mind it's there?

Best Of Lovefilm Weekly: Romantic Comedies

Here's a look at Lovefilm's selection of comedies, mostly the more romantic ones.

The Best & Worst LOVEFiLM Movies Weekly

Rentals are back in with LOVEFiLM gift wrapping your movies and posting them through your door!

Pilots That Soar

They may have not been with us for that long but even cancelled shows can leave their mark. It’s hard to make the cut these days.