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James O'Connell

Third year Graphic Design student at AUB and keen enthusiast in rock music. I've always enjoyed going to concerts and music festivals and revel at the chance to watch and interview awesome bands.

Stories by this author

Review: Kaiser Chiefs & Public Service Broadcasting

The Kaiser Chiefs predicted a riot, and they got one at their electrifying show at the Bournemouth International Centre.

Old or New- a Fan is a Fan

I wear their t-shirts because I am proud to be a fan, not just because I’m a hipster who just thinks it “looks cool” to wear a shirt with an old band on it.

The Last Internationale on Revolution and Russell Brand

The topic of revolution has never been hotter; we chatted to The Last Internationale about their views on revolution and political reform.

The Last Internationale on Supporting Robert Plant

The Last Internationale are a three-piece blues band rock from New York currently touring in support of Robert Plant, we spoke to them.

Review- Robert Plant & The Last Internationale

James went to review one of the biggest rock-stars to grace Bournemouth with his presence in recent years; Robert Plant.