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Corrie Smith

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BU Students Host Mini-Olympics

An event aiming to engage year five students in a day of sporting activities was held by BU Sport Development students yesterday (29th April).

Time to dump The Jump?

Channel 4's The Jump should it be cancelled forever?

Super Bowl is super dull

The 50th annual American sporting extravaganza, The Super Bowl, did it beat expectations?

Tipping Me Over the Edge

Eating out in restaurants is fantastic, you can gorge on food and sit back happily knowing someone out the back will be scrubbing those dishes.

Security, surveillance and Snapchat

The UK is in a current state of fear after the recent attacks in Paris. Last year, our threat level was raised from ‘substantial’ to ‘severe’ and many believe an act of terror is imminent.

Local biking duo tackle epic ride

A Bournemouth-based entertainment duo has taken up an epic 900 mile bike ride challenge for charity.

Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Whine

Christmas is upon us. The jovial fat man in red is starring in the Coca Cola ads, John Lewis have reeled out their annual offering of tear-jerking tosh and faux Norwegian Spruces have been erected in supermarkets throughout the country.

Dapper Laughs No More

Dapper Laughs, internet comedian and apparent perpetrator of ‘lad culture’, has been killed by his own creator. Daniel O’Reilly’s ‘character’ has come under fire over the last few weeks, sparking debate over his misogynistic and sexist viewpoints and attitudes towards rape.

Ebola won’t kill us yet

At first, Ebola seemed terrifying. A deadly assassin waiting to seep into our veins and kill. However, I don't think we should be worrying yet.